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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Death by Stealth" - Design By Humans - Jan 5th

Another great design by one of my current favorite designers, zerobriant. I remember seeing this as a work in progress on the DBH forums and looking forward to it printing. Today's that day! And zerobriant is such an awesome guy, that he's not giving away one, but TWO free shirts to celebrate his design getting printed! All you have to do is post about his awesome design!

So...if you would like to purchase this sweet ninja design by the one and only zerobriant, click HERE! It's only $17! But wait! You can get 10% off using this discount code at checkout: MCC8UA

And if that wasn't enough, I would just like to take this time to point you in the direction of another one of zerobriant's AMAZING designs. I own this shirt and wear it on a regular basic cause it's that awesome!

Obviously most sizes are sold out cause everyone wants to own this wonderful piece of t-shirt art. But maybe they still have your size or if they don't, make a comment and tell them to reprint it!

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  1. you make wanna cry, hehe thank you so much matt!!! your post is very neat! goodluck on the little raffle hehe:D you are one of my favorite humans too:)