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Monday, August 31, 2009

"Gloopy!" - Teextile - Aug 31

Can't go wrong with a wotto shirt. He is known for his little characters and doodling style and I love it. I think it could look better with different colors but still awesome and I still bought it.

Available at Teextile today for $12 and $15 from tomorrow till sunday.

"Umibozu" - Design by Humans - Aug 31

"Umibozu" is the 5th place winner for the Design by Humans $10,000 contest. I was disappointed to see this design take 5th place as I really wanted to see "Once in a Blue Moon" (picture below) win because I think the design is better and I would love to wear it on a shirt. Hopefully DBH will print it anyway.

What's even more disappointing is how the print of "Umibozu" came out. Some of the design was cut off and all of the colors look very washed out. Pictures below compare the actual print to the submitted design.

Hopefully the rest of the DBH 10k winners prints will look better. I'm really looking forward to the 1st and 2nd place shirts.

Mock up version of "Umibozu" submitted for $10,000 contest

Actual printed version of "Umibozu"

"Death from Above" - Tee Fury - Aug 31

I really like the whale but not so much the bombs. The whale is drawn very nicely with lots of flowing lines while the bombs are very plain and don't seem to mesh well with the whale. I would definitely buy it on a different color shirt. Will have to consider the light blue.

Available at Tee Fury for $9 until midnight EST

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Stealing is Cool" - Tee Fury - Aug 30th

Not feeling this at all. I've never really liked pixelated designs that look like they're from an old video game. Not appealing to me in any way. And the design is just very plain and boring. It's ok though, Design by Humans announces the 5th place winner of their $10,000 contest tomorrow. So there will be awesome t-shirt ready to buy soon!

Available for $9 at Tee Fury till midnight EST

Friday, August 28, 2009

"Dye Hard" - Design by Humans - Aug 28

Great use of the shirt color and I love the black on turquoise. I think jublin is becoming one of my new favorite artists. I just realized that he designed one of the last shirts I got from Design by Humans, "Two Invisible House Burglars". Picture Below.

"Dye Hard" is available for $18 until 3am at Design by Humans and comes with a limited edition sticker while supplies last. Available for $25 any time after that.

"Two Invisible House Burglars" is available for $25 at DBH.

"Hunter Thompson" - Tee Fury - Aug 28th

I'm not a fan of famous people on t-shirts, but Hunter S. Thompson is cool and tons of people will love this.

Available for $9 at Tee Fury till midnight EST

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reprint at Miles to Go Clothing - "Sirens"

This shirt was originally printed as limited edition and sold out in about 2 weeks. But because so many people have requested a reprint and it's one of Greg's (owner of miles to go) favorite tees he's ever done, he has decided to do it again! He said the colors are going to be slightly altered and this print will not be hand numbered or limited. The reprint pre-sale is up now and going fast! Only posted a few days ago and many of the sizes are already halfway gone. Get over to Miles to Go now and pre order yours before it's too late.


I have four shirts from Miles to Go and love them all. They are all printed on American Apparel shirts using discharge ink which means you can't feel the print.

Greg also makes awesome belts. His list of clients includes many famous bands, clothing companies, and record labels. Fall Out Boy, Circa Survive, Every Time I Die, Gym Class Heroes, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, Johnny Cupcakes, Glamour Kills, Fueled by Ramen, and Eyeball Records. Just to name a few. If you need some belts made, contact Greg at Miles to Go. One of the nicest dudes I know and very easy to deal with. His prices are great and you can even get one belt made if you want!


"The Gelatinously Rebellious Miscreants of Doctor Roboto" - Tee Fury - Aug 27

eh. might have liked this when I was younger. definitely well done, but not for me.

Available for $9 at Tee Fury until midnight EST

"...Peace?" - Design by Humans - Aug 27

Bold and simple design with a powerful message.

Available at designbyhumans.com for $15 until 3am EST and $20 any time after that

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Flux" - Design by Humans - Aug 26

Wasn't feelin this one at first, but after looking closer I can definitely get into it. The texture of the lighting bolt is great and the wavy line going behind and in front of the bolt gives the design a 3D feel. Not sure what the black and blue things are though...

Available for $15 at designbyhumans.com until 3am EST and $20 any time after that

"Yoda the Grouch" - Tee Fury - Aug 26

Don't care for Star Wars or pop culture references, so this is a big "no thanks" for me. Don't really like the color of the guys shirt either.

Available at Tee Fury for $9 until midnight EST

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"The Suit" - Teextile - Aug 24

Interesting design. Definitely original and not something you're gonna see somewhere else. Not sure how I feel about the color choices (shirt or ink) but still a cool idea.

This shirt is available at Teextile.com for $12 until 1am EST and then $15 until sunday at 1am.

Teextile has a new series of five shirts every week. The new series is posted every Monday and the shirts are available for $15 each until the following Sunday. One of the five shirts is featured each day Monday through Friday and on it's featured day the shirt is only $12. Printed on American Apparel.

"The Last Black Rhino" - Design by Humans - Aug 25

Not bad, but not great. I love animals, but I guess I never really liked Rhinos that much.

Available at Design by Humans for $15 until 3am EST and $20 any time after

"Salvador Zombie" - Tee Fury - Aug 25

Don't really care for zombies or putting famous people on shirts. Dali's paintings are amazing though. In case you're not familiar, I've posted some below.

Available for $9 at Tee Fury until midnight EST

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Teddy Terror" - RIPT Apparel - Aug 24

A bear in a bear. I like it.

Available at RIPT Apparel until 1am EST

"Lucky Day" - Design by Humans - Aug 24

Love owls and this is a great design but it would be so much better without the text. I really don't like when awesome art is ruined with text. Not saying I don't like text at all, cause sometimes it is very fitting. But not here, at least in my opinion.

Available for $15 at Design by Humans until 3am EST and $20 any time after

"Perfect" - Tee Fury - August 24th

Boring design in my opinion, but the colors look good.

Available at Tee Fury until midnight EST

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jimiyo is one of the best and it is apparent anytime you look at his work. This japanese inspired design has so much detail, you wonder how he draws it so well. Don't miss out on this classic Jimiyo shirt.

Available for $9 at teefury.com until midnight EST

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Holy Man" - Design by Hümans - Aug 21

cool shirt. not sure if I'd wear it, but if you want the pope on your shirt, get this!

Available for $18 at Design by Hümans until 3am EST and $25 any time after that

Fly On Little Wing - Tee Fury - Aug 21

Colors look great. design looks great. jimi hendrix is great. what's not to like about this shirt?

Availble at Tee Fury until midnight EST

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Reclusión Perpetua" - Design by Humans - Aug 19th

Not into this at all really. It's hard to even tell what the design is. Just looks like a bunch of scribble and paint splatter when you first look at it. Not really feelin the color combination either.

Available for $18 until 3am EST and $25 any time after that at designbyhumans.com

"Sitar Hero" - Tee Fury - August 19th

I don't usually care for pop culture/joke shirts, but this one is good. First of all, the sitar is one the coolest instruments ever so that automatically makes it cool. and I've always loved Indian influenced art especially with elephants. I actually saw Spiderman playing sitar when I was in Florida last week.

Available for $9 at teefury.com until midnight EST

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FINAL FOUR for $10,000

The design by Humans $10,000 contest is down to the final four. Voting goes until Aug 23rd and then the winner will be announced. The 2 designs that stood out the most to me since the beginning have both made the final four. I can't wait till they print the shirts so I can buy and wear them!

Here they are in the order I think they will place:

"Twilight Rain" by collisiontheory

"Journey to the City of No Horizon" by TangYauHoong

"Mecha Labaw" by csj89

"SOS strawberry flavour" by gloopz

The best part is that they print the top five shirts, so these four and whichever design came in 5th place will all be printed and sold at designbyhumans.com.