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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Elektromusik" - Tee Fury - Oct 18th

Don't usually like robots but I kinda like this one. The description from the curator is great:

"Marooned on a distant planet, murky and unexplored... as you climb out of the wreckage of your smashed shuttle, a towering figure emerges from the shadows. Huge, metallic, and imposing, you cower as he reaches forward... But suddenly, the air fills with techno music and disco lights explode across this alien landscape. It's an intergalactic dance party, and you're the guest of honor! I love the future." - MJ from Tee Fury

The print seems kinda small though and I'm not a huge fan of red shirts.

Available for $9 at Tee Fury until midnight EST

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