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Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Feather Fest" - Design By Humans - Nov 12th

I love feathers and the colors look great, but the jumble of feathers down at the bottom looks a little messy to me. I'd still probably wear this shirt though. This design is by gloopz who is the artist that designed one of the first ever Design By Humans shirts I bought and is still one of my favorites today. pictured below:

I have it on black like the picture above, but for some reason they reprinted the men's version on blue. I still can't understand why they would print a blue design on a blue shirt...especially when it looks so good on black. Glad I got mine before they did that!

"Feather Fest" and "Shark with pixelated teeth" are both available at Design By Humans for $25 each.

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